Sydney Responds to Top Search Questions

What weird searches lead to my blog?

What weird searches lead to my blog?

I obtained a list of search terms that have connected users to my blog, and it got me thinking: When people find my blog, what were they searching for? A lot of the searches were questions, and unfortunately, my blog did not necessarily answer them directly. The blog was usually just about a related topic. A few of the questions were odd, made no sense, and had some interesting grammar. But I decided to give the people what they want and respond directly to the searches that people are looking for. That way, when my blog shows up, they will say, “HEY! That is exactly what I was looking for, even though my question was super weird and obscure!” So lets respond to some of the top searches:

  • “how can a woman tell if your boyfriend is bisexual”

You have to order a special Bisexual Test Kit from a pharmaceutical company. Follow the directions to mix the solution, and splash it on his skin. If it turns blue, you have a bi on your hands.

  • “do any women like bisexual men ????”

Yeah dude. Right here.

  • “had sex with a gay guy i’m straight”

No you’re not 😉

  • “straight sportsmen hard confused gay sex porn”

I don’t even know what this is but… #hot??

  • “if a girl is gay and she do it to a boy is that cheating”

I’m not the authority on lesbian cheating, but this is my blog so I make the rules. Sydney declares: Yes. Yes it is.

  • “how to get a bi guy to come over”

I’ve tried a few things that usually work: Craft Beers, Box seats at the game, Perfect cut of steak

  • “deduced forced bi”

Is this some kind of porn thing?

  • “how to handle hearing your boyfriend has bisexual”

How did he catch it? IT’S SPREADING!

  • “if your boyfriend is bi and your a girl and straight what do you do?”

Go out to dinner at Joel Robuchon. Best date ever.

  • “i’m a dude and i fucked my best man friend”


  • “i tried the gay thing its not for me”


  • “how to seducing your best friend who is a boy and not even gay while you are”

Ooh… that’s ambitious. If you figure it out, I’d love to hear.

  • “woman or girl or wife or girlfriend “freakishly strong” or “scary strong””

Hahahaha. Awesome. I don’t know how this search got connected to my blog, but this is an awesome search.

  • “what color speedos do bisexual men prefer”

Black, in my experience. Jay has one speedo and its black.

  • “why is sydney so angry”

Hahahaha! The internet knows I’m angry.

  • “i’m a bisexual boy how do i ask a boy out?”

Aww! Cute. Be yourself. Be confident. Everyone will love you.

I’m thinking I might write a serious article later and  answer the questions that people are actually wondering about. (For example, an article about “how to handle hearing your boyfriend is bi” but not “straight sportsmen hard confused gay sex porn”). Stay tuned and check back!



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7 responses to “Sydney Responds to Top Search Questions

  1. disconcerted72

    ROFL! That was a fun read for sure!
    I know that your blog is what inspired me to create my blog on WordPress.

    I did a google search and I think I wrote the question, “Will anyone love me if I come out as a bisxual man?” and your blog was just a line or two down the list. I read the blog, and you seemed more than accepting of the situation with Jay, so it instantly made me feel more comfortable with myself. The next thing I know, I’m writing my own blog on WordPress and entertaining myself with posts like this one. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. When I wrote this blog, I sort of envisioned your exact scenario- some nice bi guy… wondering what the female population thinks of bisexual men… typing it into google (abiding by the rules of grammar). In my envisioned scenario, I thought ‘that guy deserves to get a good answer’, which is yes there are lots of people who are totally accepting of bi men.

      Of course, I never imagined all the other random scenarios that apparently also lead to my blog. I never pictured the guy who types in “how to seducing your best friend who is a boy and not even gay while you are”… but hey, whatever works hahahaha!

      • disconcerted72

        Yes, well, I was always the…um…object of these seduction schemes, so I will not complain.

        But come to think of it, you are offering a public service! Bravo to you!

  2. That’s pretty funny – you get way better (and funnier) stuff than I do!

  3. I just about pissed myself from laughing so hard Syd!!! “If it turns blue, you have a bi on your hands”……LOL!!! I think most women know right away, if not they definately find out over time. The real question is…why does it matter if your significant other is bisexual…as long as they are not cheating on you or doing something you are not okay with in the first place? Happiness is nothing more than acceptance! Love the one you are with, and forgoe the labels! As always Syd, love your mind!!!

  4. This was very entertaining. Its nice to see the lighter side of male bisexuality sometimes. As a full time student working on a doctorate degree in Clinical Neurpsychology, I often deal with the heavier side of things. In fact I just finished another paper on male bisexuality that I will be posting to my blog in a few days. Even when I try to add a bit of humor to such papers, they are not nearly as funny as you manage. Glad I found your blog.

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