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Russia’s LGBT Discrimination (and Archer)


Let me begin by saying everything I know about Russia is based on watching the show Archer. More specifically, its based on the scene pictured above, where Agent Sterling Archer is running from Russian police, and he rounds the corner and bumps into an old Russian lady carrying two bags of unsanitary looking food. He exclaims to her, “What? You hear machine guns and decide now is a good time to take out the- Oh. Oh, that’s groceries. I’m sorry, I thought it was garbage.” There’s also this part where he sees these kids playing with empty bottles on a roof. Not to mention the entire place is portrayed as dismal and covered with snow.

So yeah, my impression of Russia has always been that it sort of, you know, sucks.

With that in mind, perhaps you can see why I’m not as bothered as I could be about Russia’s anti-gay culture. Yes, it is horribly offensive. No, there is no excuse for discrimination. But… well, if a country is going to make people unwelcome because of their sexual orientation, isn’t it better that it’s a place that already blew anyway? Admit it, it would be WORSE if somewhere like Paris or Barcelona was suddenly afflicted with anti-gay sentiment. I mean, yeah Russia is trying to drive off gay people, but drive them off of what?? Beautiful Beaches? The cutting edge of culinary sophistication? A buzzing metropolis of culture, fashion, and the arts? No! Russia has none of those things! Perhaps, it’s just me, but I always try to see the glass half full.

So my suggestion is, make like Sterling Archer, get the hell out of Russia, and book a ticket to somewhere with palm trees, cigars, and hammocks.  




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