Bisexual Guys Survey is READY!!!

Screen Shot of Survey

One of the things I’ve wanted to do, ever since I started dating Jay and had trouble finding information about bi guys, is conduct a survey of bisexual men. This would be soooo helpful. It would show that everyone is different, and it would answer a lot of the questions straight women (and gay guys… and straight guys, and lesbians, and bi women, and everyone else) have about bisexual males.

I have FINALLY gotten the survey up, with help from a few other ladies, and with help from Jay (who really wasn’t that helpful. He contributed like ONE question). I would LOVE it if all my bi male readers would take the survey.

Click here to take it!

It’s anonymous, so please answer honestly if you can. When I get enough responses, I am going to share some of the findings, in the form of colorful charts and graphs.

Some of the questions are a personal, some are totally naughty;  if you don’t want to answer something, leave it blank. You can also write ‘fuck you sydney’ in the comment box if I’ve made you uncomfortable and you want to express your anger.

I really think this will be helpful, and lift away some of the mystery that surrounds bisexual guys.

Please take the survey, and PLEASE send it to any other bisexual guys that you know. Also, please offer suggestions on how I can find other bi guys to participate.



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16 responses to “Bisexual Guys Survey is READY!!!

  1. bitheblog

    I took the survey in this blog but found that I had too much to say and the form said there were too many characters. In that regard I’ll post some suggested questions below:

    Suggested Questions:

    Have Gay men ever told you that they (themselves) are that good at pleasing other men that you’d turn gay by the end of the sexual encounter?

    Has any partner (that you know of) ever snooped through your phone, social media account to try and catch you out because they assumed that you’d cheat, simply because you are bisexual?

    Have you ever heard any gay man tell you that it’s bisexuals themselves that spread HIV/AIDS to the straight community?

    How would you feel if you saw a LGBT pride parade and saw the bisexual representing group at the very end of the parade?

    Have you ever been told that you’re simply claiming to be bisexual to appear controversial or simply because you think it’s cool or in vogue?

    Would you show public displays of affection, such as holding hands or a kiss with another guy you were dating/in a relationship with?

    I hope this is helpful. I loved the survey! Pierre

    • These are really good… I’m going to add some of these questions. I am trying to figure out if I can let people who already answered update their responses to include the new questions. This is so complicated!

  2. Northern Minnesota Bi-Guy

    Cool survey. I took it.
    Since you are undertaking this survey to get a better understanding of male bisexuality, have you ever read “Bi America: Myths, Truths, and Struggles of an Invisible Community” by William Burleson? I highly recommend this book because it answered many of my questions when I was coming to terms with my sexuality, and it is also partially based on a survey of 151 bisexual women and 114 bisexual men that Mr. Burleson conducted in 2002.

    Check it out, and keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much. That sounds really great. I will definitely take a look at that book. I wonder where he found 114 bi men to participate…

      • Northern Minnesota Bi-Guy

        It was also an online-based survey, circulated through a listserv he was a part of. You know, back in the bad old days of the internet, before facebook and what not.

  3. I just finished it – it was interesting!

  4. I took the survey, I hope it helps. Thank you for doing it.

  5. One thing I saw after going back and re-reading the survey (and I think I missed answering a couple of questions) was this: “If you have had a sexual encounter with another male, was your FIRST encounter…”

    Maybe it’s just me but the choices didn’t include other ways a guy can have his first encounter, like, if he got into this at a young age – and I’m talking younger than 18, then the adult-level choices aren’t applicable and chances are that if a young guy had his first encounter with a friend or acquaintance, he may not know – or even care – if the other guy ID’d as straight, bi, or gay. And, honestly, some guys have their first time in a more, ah, sordid kind of way.

    I wasn’t sure I understood the “physical appearance” section and how tomboy type girls applies to men – maybe it’s the way this section is written? I know there are guys who have a more feminine appearance… but butch? If this survey includes bi women, well, maybe this makes sense but as it applies to men, I didn’t answer this question because it didn’t include a physical appearance that made sense to me.

    • Northern Minnesota Bi-Guy

      Thoughtful comments, kdaddy.
      But I disagree with you on the second point.
      First, some bi-men – such as myself – are more attracted to butch or tomboyish women, while other bi-men are more attracted to girly-girl women. I think its a fair and interested question to ask to what extent bi-men have convergent (e.g. feminine men AND women), or divergent (e.g. feminine women, masculine men) gender attractions and preferences.
      Also, there are indeed “butch” men, for example muscle boys and leather daddies. To quote Ru Paul, “We’re all born naked, the rest is just drag.”
      Anyhow, it seems that Syndey has clarified this question.

      • I understand what you’re saying – as I said, it could have been the way it was asked that threw me for a loop. I didn’t answer that one because of the extremes given – I’m more of a middle-of-the-road bi guy when it comes to men and women and appeals to me about them; I like my women to look and act like women and my men to look and act like men.

  6. Yeah, I have two comments about the physical appearance question.

    First, you may have gotten to the survey when it was glitching out and applying the wrong descriptions to the wrong categories.

    Second, if its still confusing as it appears now, its because the tables dont leave you any other option. I you have feminine as a category, you have to explain what it would be for men and women in the same heading.

    Takeaway, feel free to skip anything that you dont think you can answer accurately 😀

  7. conrad34

    I think the options in a number of questions are too limiting. The sex toys question for instance – I use them on myself, on female partners and female partners use on me, and if I was having sex with guys it would go both ways there too. With the behaviour/bedroom behaviour questions I would regard dominant and submissive to be at either end of a spectrum rather than a binary – I look for someone who can move along the spectrum with me depending on what we are hot for in a given encounter. On the physical appearance question, I have wide ranging tastes in both men and women – it depends more on the particular person than whether they are butch/macho, femme or androgynous.

  8. I loved the survey…thank you so much for taking time to put it all together!!! Your a sweetheart Syd!!!

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