Reader Emails

So I have these rules where I don’t let myself do recreational stuff until other responsibilities are taken care of. That is the reason this blog was on a brief hiatus last month. I was also ignoring all my blog related emails, planning to get to them later when I started posting again. However, I have decided this was a mistake. First of all, the number of emails I’ve gotten from readers has gone up a lot, and I feel really ungrateful if I put off answering them. Also, when I finally went through them, I realized there were things I really wish I had responded to right away.

So form now on I have a new rule. I’m going to answer emails more promptly. I can’t believe how supportive you have all been, and the least I can do is stay on top of emails.

I love you all. Please keep writing to me. You might think I don’t care what you have to say, but that’s not true at all. My own life is boring and I love hearing about what other people are doing, thinking, whatev.


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