Full Version of Conversation w/ Reader

Some of you may remember when an angry reader invited me to call him on the phone, so he could condemn my relationship with a bi guy. I posted a video summarizing our conversation. Unfortunately, he accused me of altering and misrepresenting our conversation, to make myself seem more favorable, and insisted I post the ‘real’ version, showing what really happened

I apologize if my summary was inaccurate. I shortened the conversation, and only showed key points, but I don’t think I was misleading. Out of fairness to this person, this is the original version; you can decide for yourselves if I was fair or not.

I want to once again express my love and support for the gay community. I know that it is very difficult for men to come out as gay, and I wish that no gay man would ever feel pressured to act straight or hide his true identity. I also understand that a gay man who has managed to embrace his own sexual orientation might resent a guy who is not strong enough to do that and ‘pretends’ to be attracted to women. But I have to insist that there are bisexual men who are genuinely attracted to women as well as men, and it is very hard for them to hear that just because you were never really bi, that they must be the same as you. That’s as hurtful as when straight men claim that being gay is a choice- just because they are attracted to women, that means that you are just ‘choosing’ to be gay? Of course not.

Every needs to understand that just because someone’s sexuality is different from their own, it doesn’t mean that any sexuality is less legitimate.



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7 responses to “Full Version of Conversation w/ Reader

  1. I still think dude needs a serious crowbar to help open that mind of his!!! Just my opinion…..!!!

  2. I’m with Soldierboy; that dude needs a serious attitude adjustment. If gay men have to act straight – the gay version of being in the closet, I suppose – that’s something they have to deal with and for whatever reason why they’re faking the funk. But if they have to, it doesn’t mean that bisexual men are really gay men who are hiding or in some form of denial, which was “Reader’s” premise, that and how some women are aiding and abetting the perpetration of a fraud… but one that doesn’t exist except in the minds of gay men who think bisexuals are in denial.

    You’re a better person than I am because I wouldn’t apologize to someone who, in my opinion, was horribly disrespectful of you – he was beyond rude and in the opinion of this bisexual man, about as wrong as it gets.

    I really think some gay men are totally pissed because bi men, more often than not, don’t have to deal with the bullshit gay men have to put up with and maybe it’s a matter of misery loving company. As a bi guy, the only time I have to put up with some of that bullshit is when some gay dude tries to convince me that I’m really gay – and I no longer have time for such narrow-minded thinking…

    • rafael

      jajajajajaja, hey sickney, you once again proved how much of an insecure desperate worthless scumbag you are constantly looking for validation and approval to your bullshyt, im so happy my words and opinions are still lingering in your head and making you suffer, you deserve it sickney, you really do. sickney listen u need serious medical attention, your a cockblocker wit a fetish for gay man, and want to earn browny points, we already discussed this, and you are also a mentally delusional scumbag, i am willing to bet money jay don’t even exist, goodbye sickney.

  3. BIlly

    @rafael: I know there’s really no purpose in engaging with you, since your primary goal seems to be trolling. If you really think bi guys don’t exist…or whatever…be a man and feel free to come and attack me or other self-proclaimed bi guys and stop attacking Sydney.

    But you seem to only be able to harp on Sydney. Who is she trying to earn ‘brownie points’ with if ‘jay don’t [sic] even exist?’ Most trolls I know at least attempt to be consistent on coherent…

    • Touche’….Well said Billy! I applaud you…I also welcome your attacks. Sydney, as far as I can tell is on a self-discovering, open-minded, horizon expanding quest and as far as this jerk goes, well he represents the day horrible weather on an otherwise pleasent and harmless journey! I applaud Sydney and Billy and as far as me being confuse and insecure, come on over to Fort Xxxx Army Base* and we can discuss just exactly how confused and insecure I am. I used to be insecure UNTIL I became unconfused. Aggression, my friend (@Rafael), is always, without a doubt a signature for insecurity in ones own life, mostly about a single detail, but for you, I believe it has alot more to do with who you are as a whole. I feel sorry for you and wish nothing but happiness and warmth on you. Maybe if @Rafael feels it for once, he will finally understand the beautiful and loving Sydney!!!

      Sorry for the rant Billy, but this Jackamo sets me off. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people…”..look it up @Rafael

      *comment edited


    WOW. I just came across your website Sydney but that guy was rude as fuck and had an attitude!!! Who’s to say that your boyfriend is straight, gay or bi but him? Crazy…

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