Bisexual Visibility Day

So guess what today, September 23, is??? Bisexual Visibility Day. I know, right?  

I’ve always said that September needed a holiday. When I was younger I tried to start one; I called it “Septemberday”. I even came up with some Septemberday traditions, but the only one I could really think of was cake. And a holiday dedicated entirely to eating cake is pretty weak.   But now September has a real holiday, and one worth celebrating.  

I found out about Bisexual Visibilty Day from reading another blog about bisexuality (I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get more connected to the bi community). It kind of annoyed me that Jay didn’t tell me about it, but that didn’t surprise me, especially considering he didn’t even know what it was. (Worst bisexual ever, right??) Our text conversation went something like this:  

Me: Did you know there was a bisexual visibility day?  

Jay: No. When?  

Me: Sep. 23  

Jay: Oh. Awesome.  

Me: You should make sure to be really visible that day… Like, walk around outside a lot.  

(Then he was quiet for like 10 minutes)  

Me: Why aren’t you laughing?  

Jay: Hahaha. That was really funny.  

Me: You didn’t laugh until I asked you to.  

Jay: Calm down, I just wasn’t holding my phone. You are too impatient for reactions to your jokes.  

Anyway, to get back at him for not knowing/telling me about this holiday, I am going to force him to celebrate. Jay is already fairly ‘visible’ when it comes to his bisexuality. For example, most of his friends know about it, and his facebook even says “interested in men and women”. So I have to think of a way to step it up a notch.  

Some ideas I have come up with so far:  

-Threeway #IsThatOffensive?
-Cake (duh. Just because it’s not Septemberday doesn’t mean we can’t have cake)
-Stand on my roof with a megaphone yelling, “Just so everyone knows, my boyfriend likes chicks and dudes!”
-Tell my grandma I’m dating a bisexual guy (She probably doesnt even know what that is… She’s real old)
-Tape fliers of Jay’s face all over the neighborhood (nothing says he has to broadcast that hes bisexual; techically he just has to be “visible”)  

Overall, I’m pretty sure all these ideas would make Jay really annoyed… Except the cake… And maybe the threeway… Not sure. He’s not secretive about his sexuality at all. Its on facebook and anything on facebook is clearly public knowledge. His anger would probably stem from the fact that he doesn’t really like it when I do stuff to unnecessarily make a scene. This is a key difference between us- Im the mischevious one who likes to make trouble just to see how it will pan out. Hes the one who likes to avoid unnecesary problems. I spend my life thinking “I wonder what will happen if I do this?” while his view seems to be “I don’t really care to know what will happen if I do this, so theres no need for me to do it”. For a bisexual person, he’s not very curious. #IsThatOffensive?  

Overall I suspect Jay will probably not come up with a creative way to celebrate bisexual visibility day- he probably feels his normal amount of visibility is just enough. But this day will be an excuse to get cake, so… I call this one a win


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2 responses to “Bisexual Visibility Day

  1. rafael

    Lol ohh sydney, have I ever told you you are a sick insecure scumbag right? Hmm I think so, you need serious phychiatry help, you get worse by the minute, hey screw bi visibility day, I think you earned your browny points already, try I’m gonna love to suck dik, get fuked n press my body against another mans day, try sydney the shield day lol, u poor thing I feel so bad for you

    • Oh, hello Rafael, I hadn’t heard from you in a while, so I thought maybe you found something better to do with your time than write insulting comments about two people you have never even met.

      If it bothers you so much to think that somewhere in the world some woman is dating a bi guy you dont even know, the simplest solution would be to stop reaing this blog. You’re clearly very angry about it; stop reading about it. It will be like me and Jay don’t even exist.

      That aside, I have had about enough of you calling me a sick insecure freak. You are welcome to keep posting because I think you are entitled to your opinion, but I’ve made the decisions to completely and permanently ignore anything else you say. All decisions are final. Prepare to be ignored in 3…2… Ignoring has commenced.

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