Shit Bisexual Guys Say

I found this video on youtube, and I love it. First of all, this guy is adorable. Second of all, the video is really funny.

I originally watched this short video when Jay and I first started going out- I wanted info on what a bisexual guy might say or do. Since then I’ve heard Jay say at least half the things on this list. On our third date he started talking about animals that are bisexual (“Did you know penguins are bisexual? Dolphins are also bisexual…”), and I was trying really hard not to laugh. I knew it was just a matter of time before he told me William Shakespeare was bisexual- and indeed, he did not disappoint.

On a somewhat related note, I often wonder whether there is bisexual humor. Most other communities have their own brand of humor- think about it, there are Black comedians, there are Asian comedians, there are gay comedians, there are nerdy comedians… Are there any bisexual comedians? I think there should be. I would nominate Jay but he’s not that funny… I guess for now the creator of this video has a monopoly on bisexual humor. I hope he’s prepared to bear that burden!



September 20, 2013 · 1:39 am

3 responses to “Shit Bisexual Guys Say

  1. You know, as a bisexual, I’ve never really given any thought to some of the things I could say about being bi, like making animal world comparisons or that some famous dead person being bi… although I’ve read that there were – and are – a lot of famous bisexuals.

    I’ve heard a lot of gay folks do stand-up routines but if there’s a bisexual comedian or comedienne out there, they’ve not come out of the closet yet.

    • I saw a comedian on TV who was bisexual, but it was a woman, not a guy. She was pretty funny. She made some jokes about how its hard dating either gender becuase ‘girls are crazy, but guys are dumb’.

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