Sydney Talks to Angry Reader

So remember that angry commenter who left his phone number and told me to call him? I called him.

He was a gay man who seriously objected to straight women dating bi guys. This video summarizes our conversation. Later posts will go into more detail on my feelings regarding the conversation.

You can hear me speaking to him, and (out of respect for his privacy) I only summarize what he says in response. You guys get to hear my weird voice in this video.

Also, if anyone else wants to contact me via phone or skype, I would love to do so. It doesn’t have to be a confrontational conversation; it can be a friendly chat 🙂



August 31, 2013 · 9:03 am

10 responses to “Sydney Talks to Angry Reader

  1. Estef

    Hi Sydney! So I was looking for info about women dating bi guys and I ended up on your blog! I’m from Spain and in the past few weeks I’ve been seeing a bi guy. We met online, had an instant connection and Skyped a lot. Then he confessed that he was bi. I was a bit shocked but decided I didn’t care. Then we met and it’s been great but I can’t just stop thinking lots of stuff and it confuses me: does he seem gay? Will people know that he is bi as soon as he is talking? Will my friends realize because of the way he talks, moves? Does he seem less masculine? Will I be able to love him? Am I a prejucided silly woman instead of the laid back tolerant person I think I was? Am I going to be constantly worried because guys talk to him? Oh dear… It is proving to be tough!! Did you have the same insecurities and questions when you started dating Jay?
    Thanks for your kind answers and your cool blog!

    • Hello-
      Thank you so much for your comment, Estef. I’m really interested in all your questions, and have often wondered the same things about Jay. But my response is too long to go into here, so I’m going to post a blog entry about it in the near future. Stay tuned, and thank you so much for reading!

  2. Reblogged this on Not Your Average Soldierboy and commented:
    This is such a brave and courageous woman….She is so much more well-tempered than I am…I would have definitely handled the situation different…For starters, I wouldn’t have been interested in his side of it all. He said what he had to say on the blog, I responded and it seems that this guy, as “open-minded” and being gay as he is, certainly lives in a closed box of a life and is more concerned about shutting the door to happiness for Jay and Sydney, rather than applauding her ability to love wholly and his ability to be open and honest about who he is!!! I applaud you both…As always, I look forward to hearing from you again!!!

  3. You are awesome, he is stupid and close-minded….you are so brave and courageous and so much more well mannered than I am!!! I applaud you both!!!

  4. Sydney, I give you major props for talking to this guy about this. Again, I have heard this argument so many times that it isn’t funny. I’ve been asking myself if I would have this conversation with a gay man again… and I wouldn’t because it’s patently ridiculous for a stranger to tell me that I’m something that I’m not, like I don’t know who and what I am.

    He repeatedly insulted you and, frankly, that didn’t make me happy… but you kept your cool and I’m not sure I would have so you get even more props just for that. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself to anyone as a woman and especially to a gay man who clearly – pardon the pun – has a hard on about women and who is obviously paranoid if he thinks women are out to destroy and corrupt gay men.

    What an amazing conversation you had…

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  6. rafael

    Sydney you dumb insecure piece of shyt. Now u done fucked with the wrong person, u think you have so much credibility don’t you? N so much cosign from the rest of the faggits dat sugar coat ur shyt, u sick bytch be a woman n call me wit ur number so I can personally fly to cali n spit on ur face u piece of trash

  7. Take your shot! Enjoy the relationship! And angry dude needs to take a happy pill and LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!!!!

  8. This guy is delusional at best. Everyone is different.

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