Sometimes I Forget My Boyfriend is Bi…

Every now and then, something funny happens where I just… forget that Jay is bi. And it seems (for me at least) that forgetting someone is bi is funnier than forgetting other things about a person. You might forget that someone grew up outside the US,  or that someone is vegetarian, but those moments are comically neutral. When you forget someone is bi, however, the process of remembering it is funny because it just makes you think about all these other things.

Jay is taking an LSAT prep class because he intends to apply to law school. He was telling me about how his first day at the prep class went. Overall he said it went well; he scored really high on the first diagnostic (yay for him), and was making new friends with the other students. He also mentioned that the class was almost all girls. I responded with something like, “Well, lucky you.” I wasn’t jealous or anything; I was just mildly annoyed, the way most girls are when they hear their boyfriends will be surrounded by girls all day.

Then I thought about it… The fact that the class is all girls really has no significance. I mean, he’s bi, so the class could be all boys and that might be equally entertaining for him. Or it could be half boys and half girls, and that’s just as good too.

I was annoyed when he said it was all girls, but that was only because I forgot he was bi. I mean technically, it should be just as annoying if he had said “I’m taking an LSAT class and it’s part boys and part girls,” which means technically he could have said, “I’m taking an LSAT class and its 100% people.” And when you really think about it, all he needed to say was “I’m taking an LSAT class.” The fact that its with other people could be inferred.  After all, I assume he’s not sitting in class with animals, sentient plants, and aliens (that would be like the best LSAT class ever though, right???)

Anyway, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, so basically, I forgot Jay was bi for a second, and I ended up laughing about the fact that a straight guy saying he’s taking a class with all girls is really the same as a bi guy saying he’s taking a class with other people. (and YES I know that bisexual people aren’t attracted to EVERYONE, but come on straight guys aren’t attracted to ALL girls either).

Yeah, there’s no point to this post, I just thought it was funny.

Sydney S.



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7 responses to “Sometimes I Forget My Boyfriend is Bi…

  1. I laughed a good chuckle on this one…So there was a point to telling it…LOL!!! Thank you!!!

  2. rafael

    Ohh sydney your such a sick insecure little girl, I feel so bad for you, u want to try to deleate the fact jay loves how gay men like me suck his dick and fuck his ass in a way u will never do, drives you crazy lol, I’m glad you live this way keep trying to manipulate the gay community n trying to convert just because you have a vagina, n u will find a dedicated 100% straight man to honor u.

    • Wow Rafael….that was a little below the belt!!! First off, thank you so very much for making sure we all haven’t forgotten that even though many people tend to think most gay men are ever-understanding, patient, deep, and thoughtful in nature, there are still a few assholes in the bunch.

      When is this world going to wake up and realize that it does not matter who or what you love, the simple fact that you are capable of love is what makes you an acceptable and perfect human being. Gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans….who the fuck cares about who or what body part you prefer in the sheets. The fact that this woman loves a man who also likes the physical attention of a man does not make him confused or her desperate. And you having no doubt about loving a man and never a woman, does not make you the spokesman for all gay-brotherhoods! Let it go man and applaud this lovely young lady who through it all has a heart of gold. If I knew nothing else about this young woman, the simple fact that she can love a man and accept him completely for what and who he is, would be enough!!!!

      Sorry for the rant!!!

      • Thank you for your supportive comments. I think many gay men have gone through a lot in the journey to finding self acceptance; the idea that someone would interfere with that and try to force a gay man to lead a straight life is probably very angering to the gay community. The important thing that the previous commenter seems not to understand is that Jay is not gay; he likes women as well as men.

        I hope someday we live in a world where every one is free to be who they are; I used to hope this especially for the gay community, and now I hope it for the bisexual community as well. As you said, being capable of love is what makes you a prefect human being.

      • You could not have said it any better. It amazes me the small mindedness of those who tend to claim to be MORE open-minded!!!!

  3. hi sydney!!
    i am from india . i just happened to stumble upon your blog this morning. i happen to be dating a bi guy for the past two years. i know its kind of rude for me,but when he happens to talk about his exes ,i kind of fall hard laughing about the weird relationships he had and he plays same to me.. “like that guy ,really? how could you? i am muchh better than him!”
    if monogamy is a question well then i have no doubts now,i know he has been cheated on in the past,but he hasnt given a single reason for me to doubt him as such..his sexuality is of general knowledge to everyone in our campus. so basically i sometimes have my friends gasping when they hear i date him.. most of them have the same fear,what if he cheats,what if with a guy, ..well its the same reply i give them,its the same thing if he cheats with a guy or a girl.. its cheating afterall!!
    thanks for the blog dear,its really a reflection of ne!!
    loads of love!and a toast to you and jay!!

    • Wow, the past two years- so, you have much more experience than me, haha!

      Thank you so much for your supportive comments. I think your experience is a great example of how a relationship with a bi guy can last a long time, withouth their sexuality being a huge issue the whole time; it’s just like any other relationship between two people who like each other.

      Also, is it common for people to be openly bisexual in India? I know in the US many bi men are not open about it…

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