So What’s With My Cover Photo?

We interrupt this rant to bring you a brief message on some unrelated nonsense. Regularly scheduled ranting will return in a moment.

I’m going to take a break from my posts about how male bisexuality is misunderstood, to talk about why my cover photo is the Los Angeles skyline, when my blog is about bi dudes.

I could have chosen a more relevant image, but truthfully, I was afraid of accidentally being offensive. I had some neat rainbow flag pictures from my trip to the San Francisco Pride Parade, but is that flag the exclusive property of the gay community? If the rainbow symbol doesn’t apply to the bisexual community, I could have outraged that group, and had angry mobs of bisexual guys banging down my door. (#Hot).  I could have used a picture of like two guys and a girl kissing, but again I suspect that may be offensive in some way.

You may all be wondering why I didn’t just ask Jay what kind of picture would be appropriate. Or why I didn’t use a picture of us, since this blog is about us dating. Those of you who are smart may be wondering whether he even knows about this blog.

The answer to that is “Technically yes,” but I’ll go into this later.

The point is, the cover photo thing was becoming too complicated. I was tired of looking at that bookshelf thing, which came automatically with the page, so I didn’t really care what I changed it to. I have a lot of pics I took of L.A. since I live here, and I figured, whatever, that’s good enough. There are bi guys in L.A., right?

Sydney S.


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